In 1977, Jim officially started his solar company, Haleakala Resources. During the 70’s, due to the oil embargo in the Middle East, crude prices rose dramatically. Environmental awareness also emerged at this time and the combination of the two triggered tremendous interest in alternative ways to create energy. Solar was a major recipient of this newfound interest and the whole industry took off. Due to the professionalism and integrity of Jim and his services, the now-named Haleakala Solar quickly became the largest solar company in Maui, eventually installing over 75% of all solar hot water systems on the island. He expanded to the other islands and soon they were installing systems all over the state.

In the mid 80’s, Jim started experimenting with solar cells, creating electricity. With fuel costs constantly rising, and photovoltaic technology prices dropping, he envisioned a future in which “people would set up their own small electric companies”. In observing the incredible growth of solar electric today, we can conclude he was right.


70 East Kaahumanu Avenue, Kahului, HI, USA

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