At NRG, we are the power industry’s leading company and we’ve grown from a power generator into an energy provider that powers homes and businesses throughout America.


Our customer-focused mentality has led us to create technologies and tools that empower residents and organizations to think critically about their electricity, including where their power is coming from, what impact it has on the environment and how they can become more conscious energy users.  We partner with businesses to customize innovative power and sustainability solutions that are informed by our years of experience as market leaders. And we work diligently to stay ahead of an ever-evolving energy climate with rising demands.


Energy is all around us, fueling our day-to-day experiences. It keeps our families safe, it keeps our businesses running and it helps our neighborhoods thrive. But we have to be willing to transform the way we approach energy and imagine new solutions that will strengthen our collective energy community. We’re proud to be leading that transformation, and we hope you’ll join us.

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